Rotry Shear
Aluminum Composite Panel
Glass Fiber Cloth Edge-coating Brushing Machine Glass Fiber Cloth Acuring Triming Stainless Steel Color Coating Sanding Machine
Full Oil Polishing Type
Automatic Processing M/C
Brushing Machine Manufacturer
Aluminum Polishing
     1.Aluminum Coil Pre-treatment Line Equipment.
     2.Aluminum Coil Roll Coating Line Equipment.
     3.Aluminum Composite Panel Production Line Equipment.
     4.Trimming Machine.

◆Aluminum Coil Specification1550(w)/0.20~0.5(T)mm-Coil Type
◆Aluminum Coil Weight
◆Aluminum Coil Outside Diameter
◆Aluminum Coil Inside Diameter:∮400 or ∮500 m/m
◆Aluminum Coil Plated-to-Foil Processing Line
Line Speed:10~15 m/min
◆Aluminum Coil Painting Processing Line
Line Speed:10~20 m/min
Aluminum Composite Panel Consecutive Forming Line:Line Speed:1.5~2.5 m/min.(Base on panel thickness)
◆Composite Panel Specification
◆P.E. Extruder Specification
500 Kgs/Hr.

Hair Line Polish Machine
Aluminum Coil Pre-Treatment Line Aluminum Coil Chromating Line
Glass Fiber Cloth Edge-coating Full Oil Polishing Type Hair Line Polish Machine
Aluminum Coil Roll Coating Line
Aluminum Polishing Glass Fiber Cloth Acuring Triming Aluminum Composite Panel Stainless Steel Color Coating Automatic Processing M/C Rotry Shear
Roll Coating System The Oven System
Sanding Machine Brushing Machine Brushing Machine Manufacturer
The Operation Panel Composite Panel Line
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